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How to make Free Calls to any number without any Registration

Hello Friends, after a long time I am posting back in this blog, hope you all will enjoy this post. Today we are going to learn how to make free calls to any number without doing any kind of Registration or paying for it.  So lets begin : Step 1 : Visit the website > Step 2 : When you first time open this free call website they will ask for flash player settings. Tick on allow and click the close button. Step 3 : Dial the number as shown in the image, and then click on the call button. Step 4 : You hear the bell ring and now enjoy free call. When your friends pick up this freecall,your friends will be shocked to see the +3008 Incoming Call Number. Note:  Your IP will be monitored by the call2friends team members, so don't try to do anything foolish. Maximum of 2 mins call is permitted by day last i saw, if you have tried it do comment below so that others can also know the same. Do share and Like this post..!! >