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How to hack websites using Manual SQL injection

Hello Friends, Today we are going to learn how to hack a website using Manual SQL injection. The website which we will be using in this demo is : So, here is the Vulnerable link :'100 So lets begin : Step 1 : First we have to find the number of columns present in the database. So to do that we have to implement the "order by" command in the vulnerable site. Example:  order by 7 (any no. u have to guess it, i m using 13 ) *Remember if u get error in "order by 7" that means site has less than 7 columns,if we get the same page then the no. of columns is more than 7.. In my case the number of columns are 13. Step 2 : After getting the columns, its time to get the vulnerable column by using "UNION SELECT" no. of all columns 1 after another separated by commas(,). See the example for more clarification : Example :