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How to hide Files inside images (Steganography) using WinRar

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to hide files or texts inside a picture. This process is sometimes termed as " Steganography " . Through this process we can hide important documents and transport them safely . Anyone who will look at it, it will be a plain picture file .We are going to use  WINRAR ( a free software) to do so. so lets begin : WinRar Download Link :  ( 32bit )                                      ( 64 bit ) After downloading WinRar follow the below steps : Step 1 : Select a Picture that you want to use or send. We are going to use the below picture. Step 2 : Now open notepad and write the message you to write on it. Save it in .txt format .Make sure that  the text name should not have any space. For example : SECRET FILE.txt ( will not be accepted ) rather use SECRET.txt . Step 3 : Now copy both the picture and the text file a