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Kubernetes and Docker Notes

What is Kubernetes ? Kubernetes (K8s) is a container orchestration tool, which helps to manage, deploy and scale containers like Docker etc. Kubernetes was designed by Google using Go Lang. What is Docker ? Docker is an open source project that automates the deployment of applications inside containers. What are Containers ? ⚡Containers are basically layer of Base image and application image, stacked together with all their necessary dependencies and configuration. ⚡Containers are portable and scalable.  Docker Public Repository : How to install Docker on Windows  ? Note : Hardware Virtualization should be enabled on the host box in order to install Docker.  1. Go to the link = 2. Download and Install the application To verify if installation was successful or not, just type :  docker run hello-world while running the above command I got the below error, it was because I didn't run Docker desktop app with