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Linux Tip : How to Switch user as root if you have Sudoers access

Today we will see how one can become a root user if he / she has sudoers access. In some organizations if you try to switch user to root ( sudo su - root ), you may see error like below : Sorry, user <username> is not allowed to execute '/bin/su - root' as root on <hostname> But you can try other method to switch as root user. Lets look into those steps. Method 1 : Type  sudo vi -c '!bash' in the command line console and that's it. Method 2 :   Type   sudo vi a.txt  in the command line console , it will open vi editor just press ESC (Escape) and then :sh and Enter Hope you all enjoyed this little hack, do share your queries in the comment box below.

PowerShell Tip : How to find Host node name from inside the VM

Let's assume a scenario where you are inside the Virtual Machine but you want to the know the Host node name. Unless you maintain some inventory management system, it would be a troublesome job to identify the same. Here is how this can be achieved using Powershell. Just run the below one-liner on the VM : (Get-item "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Virtual Machine\Guest\Parameters").GetValue("HostName")