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How to crack or Reset BIOS Password

BIOS password is usually used to protect the user's BIOS settings on the computer. BIOS password can be reset basically in 2 ways: 1. By Clearing CMOS Battery I consider this is the most an cient and easy way to break down the password on the BIOS. The steps are easy, first open the casing cover computer CPU. Then find the bios battery that looks something like the battery just a little more big clock (see the pic below for details ). In the area around the battery there is usually a jumper with 3 pins, 2 pins and 1 pin not connected.  Suppose the three pins with the code 1 - 2 - 3 connector that connects the initial position usually is 2-3. To reset the bios move the position of the plug that connects pins 2-3 to position 1-2 for about 5 seconds. Then plug it back into the starting position (2-3). Try restarting the computer back on, secured the bios password is gone. If the above looks complicated, then it is easy to clear CMOS by unplugging the BIOS battery and then