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Unable to access Plesk Horde webmail (Windows), Table 'horde.horde_perfs' doesn't exist

I would like to share one of the incident which we faced recently on our production environment. Horde webmail stopped working for two Plesk servers with the below errors :

A fatal error has occurred
SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'horde.horde_prefs' doesn't exist
Details have been logged for the administrator.

Server details : Windows 2012 R2
Plesk Onyx 17.5.3
Horde version 5.x
Steps to Fix it :Step 1 : This issue mostly happens if Horde database is missing or corrupt. In our case it was missing somehow ( may be deleted by some admin by mistake )

Step 2 : Once verified that database is missing from the MySQL, only option is to recreate the Database and Horde DB user by reinstalling it.

Step 3 : To reinstall Horde, execute the below command :

#Take a backup of PSA Database before making any DB related changes.
plesk db dump PSA > C:\temp\PSA<Date>.sql

#Removing the existing horde webmail setup ( In my case the horde site is webmail , it may …

Powershell interview questions

1. Which is not a built-in variable out of this
        a) $Args
b) $Hostname
c) $Pid
d) $?

2. Which one will override the default alias in Powershell

a) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Scope Local -Force
b) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Force
c) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Option AllScope
d) None of the above, we can't override the default aliases

3. Out of the below which command won't work ( Renaming directory )

a) Rename-Item "C:\`[Test File`]\" "Test"
b) Rename-Item "C:\``[Test File``]\" "Test"
c) Rename-Item -LiteralPath "C:\`[Test File`]\" "Test"
d) Rename-Item -LiteralPath "C:\[Test File]\" "Test"

4. What is the default execution policy in Powershell

a) Bypass
b) Restricted
c) UnRestricted
d) RemoteSigned

5. What will be the output of $Result

     $Result = Write-Host "This is my First script" ; $Result

a) Null
b) This is my First script
c) 0
d) None of the above

6. What will be the Outp…