Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Powershell interview questions

1. Which is not a built-in variable out of this
        a) $Args
b) $Hostname
c) $Pid
d) $?

2. Which one will override the default alias in Powershell

a) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Scope Local -Force
b) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Force
c) Set-Alias -Name ls -Value hostname -Option AllScope
d) None of the above, we can't override the default aliases

3. Out of the below which command won't work ( Renaming directory )

a) Rename-Item "C:\`[Test File`]\" "Test"
b) Rename-Item "C:\``[Test File``]\" "Test"
c) Rename-Item -LiteralPath "C:\`[Test File`]\" "Test"
d) Rename-Item -LiteralPath "C:\[Test File]\" "Test"

4. What is the default execution policy in Powershell
  a) Bypass
b) Restricted
c) UnRestricted
d) RemoteSigned

5. What will be the output of $Result
     $Result = Write-Host "This is my First script" ; $Result

a) Null
b) This is my First script
c) 0
d) None of the above

6. What will be the Output :

    $value = "Apple.Orange.Pineapple"
    $Orange, $Pineapple = $value.Split(".")
    Write-Host "$Orange ; $Pineapple ; $Apple"

a) Apple ; Orange Pineapple ;
b) Orange ; Pineapple ; Apple
c) Apple ; Orange ; Pineapple
d) None of the above

7. What will be the Output :

     $Value = "Global-Scope"
     function abc {
                  $Value = "Local-Scope"
                  Write-Host $global:Value
                  Write-Host $local:Value
                  Write-Host $Value

    Write-Host $local:Value
    Write-Host $Value

a) Local-Scope Global-Scope Local-Scope Local-Scope Global-Scope
b) Global-Scope Local-Scope Local-Scope Global-Scope Global-Scope
c) Global-Scope Local-Scope Global-Scope Local-Scope Global-Scope
d) Global-Scope Local-Scope Local-Scope Local-Scope Global-Scope

8. Which below cmdlet is wrong, To Remove a variable ($Var) from Memory

        a) Remove-Variable -Name var
b) rv var
c) Remove-Item Variable:\Var
d) rv $var

9. What will be the Output :

    $output1 = 4 + "2" ;
    $output2 = "4" + 2 ;
    Write-Output $output1 , $output2

a) 6 42
b) 42 42
c) 6 6
d) None of the above

10. Which port is used by default for Powershell remoting ( HTTP Listener )

       a) 5986
b) 5985
c) 5984
d) 5987

11. Print your name 10 times, Example :

     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe
     John Doe

Solution : PS C:\> 1..10 | %{write-host "John Doe"}

12. Create a Function to accept a parameter and then reverse it

Example :
Reverse-String -Phrase "Powershell"
Output : llehsrewoP

Solution :

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