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How to get anyone's IP Address

1. First go to this site 2. This site is basically used to send data's from one computer to another.   Ok so you got to convince your friend/victim to download any software,image,music etc. from your Computer. 3. Ok now go to  and upload your image or any file there.  After that you will find a LINK like this " e61bf114dd7f4834a3c5048d1df9629 5  " Give this Link to your friend/victim and tell him to download the file. REMEMBER : after you Copy the Link dont Close that TAB,  Now when your victim begins his download you will find his IP address as " " has download the file or like Recipient's IP address. Congo..... you got your Victim IP address now Enjoy with it . Hack it !! Live Example :  Download this file " e61bf114dd7f4834a3c5048d1df9629 5  " and i will tell your Ip-address.  Passwo