How to get anyone's IP Address

1. First go to this site http://www.filesovermiles.com/

2. This site is basically used to send data's from one computer to another. 

Ok so you got to convince your friend/victim to download any software,image,music etc. from your Computer.

3. Ok now go to http://www.filesovermiles.com/ and upload your image or any file there. After that you will find a LINK like this " http://www.FilesOverMiles.com/e61bf114dd7f4834a3c5048d1df96295 " Give this Link to your friend/victim and tell him to download the file.

REMEMBER : after you Copy the Link dont Close that TAB, Now when your victim begins his download you will find his IP address as " xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx " has download the file or like Recipient's IP address.

Congo..... you got your Victim IP address now Enjoy with it . Hack it !!

Live Example : 

Download this file " http://www.FilesOverMiles.com/e61bf114dd7f4834a3c5048d1df96295 " and i will tell your Ip-address. Password : nexushackerTo trace the location of the IP-address visit : http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(victim's ipaddress)


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