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Top 10 Data Recovery Softwares

Hello friends,today we are going to talk about Data Recovery Softwares. I am quite surprised to know that many people don’t think that data recovery software works. In my experience, it does work and it saved me many times after accidentally deleting important files or after formatting a hard drive and forgot to backup some files. Here's the Top 10 Data Recovery softwares : 1.  Recuva From the maker of the popular CCleaner . Recuva (pronounced “recover”) is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses! Setup is only 646 KB in size and it’s portable. [  Download Recuva  ] 2.  PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

How to create a Strong Password

Hello friends, I am back with some cool websites . Today we are going to discuss how to make a strong and secure passowrd because at present we need a password for almost every online activity and strong password is very important, as every users wants to protect their personal files, information and other data and avoid hackers from getting into their accounts. However, not everyone can come up with a nice strong password, which is why I had created a list of two online websites that will help users to create strong and unpredictable passwords. 1. Make Password "Make Password" is a Web application that help users to generate strong password, for Social networks,  email ID etc.The PIN or Codes generated by "Make Passwords" is generated on Random basis and are not stored anywhere. You can select the “ Password Strength ” option, which displays the strength of the password generated, in a range of 0 – 100 (with above 75

How to Lock Computer Temporarily when Wrong Password is entered

When you are not present someone ‘unauthenticated’ might try to log in to your computer. He will try to guess your password and will surely make several attempts. But by using this Trick if any “unauthenticated’ guy tries to Login in your computer by ‘guessing’ password then your computer will get automatically locked for 1 hour or time you have specified. Simply, When a wrong password is entered more than 2 times, your computer will not allow any one to login for 1 hour or less or more time ( as specified by you ) . So as usual follow the below steps ( pics will help you to understand ) : 1. Open Start Menu 2. In Search Box, type “ Local Security Policy ” without quotes(”marks) and hit enter 3. Now Local Security Policy window will appear see the pic below : 4. Double click on Account Policies which is present on left 5. Select Account Lockout Policy 6. Click Twice on Account lockout threshold entry 7. A New Dialogue box will appear, now enter the number of times

How to download Facebook Videos ?

Hi Friends.. We can normally download the YouTube  videos directly from facebook but what about the videos which are uploaded on Facebook. They can't be downloaded directly using softwares like IDM ,Orbit Downloader etc. So how to download them??  so here we are, Today we are going to learn how to download any videos that are uploaded on Facebook. Simply follow the below steps : Step 1 : To download any videos uploaded on facebook Just copy the video URL which will be in the form ( )   Step 2 : Then go to . Click here to go there. Then paste the video URL to there and click the download video button. Now your video download automatically starts. There's another way too.. just add down before the facebook link as we use kick for downloading YouTube videos. For details see the example below : BEFORE : AFTER : http:

Worlds Best File Compressing Software - WinUHA

We all are quite aware of WinZIP and WinRAR . Both of these are most popular File Compressing Softwares, we use these two softwares for compressing files and folders and to make some storage space. But today we are going to talk about another Compressing Software Known as WinUHA ( a UHARC GUI – High Compression Multimedia Archiver )   ,which is considered the best compressing software . This software is Tested well by Nexus Hackers and According to us its the best software which One Should use for compressing files and folders. Here are the Test Result, when a 158 MB of Folder with Some Linux Softwares inside was Compressed by WinZip , WinRAR , and WinUHA. WinZip: Total Size 158 MB Size of .ZIP file After Compressing: 140 MB WinRAR: Total Size 158 MB Size of .RAR file After Compressing: 110 MB Finally Here are the Test Results of WinUHA WinUHA: Total Size 158 MB Size of .UHA file After Compressing: 24 MB Yes Friends, this is true WinUHA has compressed a 158 MB

How to hide Files inside images (Steganography) using WinRar

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to hide files or texts inside a picture. This process is sometimes termed as " Steganography " . Through this process we can hide important documents and transport them safely . Anyone who will look at it, it will be a plain picture file .We are going to use  WINRAR ( a free software) to do so. so lets begin : WinRar Download Link :  ( 32bit )                                      ( 64 bit ) After downloading WinRar follow the below steps : Step 1 : Select a Picture that you want to use or send. We are going to use the below picture. Step 2 : Now open notepad and write the message you to write on it. Save it in .txt format .Make sure that  the text name should not have any space. For example : SECRET FILE.txt ( will not be accepted ) rather use SECRET.txt . Step 3 : Now copy both the picture and the text file a