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How to Lock Computer Temporarily when Wrong Password is entered

When you are not present someone ‘unauthenticated’ might try to log in to your computer. He will try to guess your password and will surely make several attempts. But by using this Trick if any “unauthenticated’ guy tries to Login in your computer by ‘guessing’ password then your computer will get automatically locked for 1 hour or time you have specified. Simply, When a wrong password is entered more than 2 times, your computer will not allow any one to login for 1 hour or less or more time ( as specified by you ) . So as usual follow the below steps ( pics will help you to understand ) : 1. Open Start Menu 2. In Search Box, type “ Local Security Policy ” without quotes(”marks) and hit enter 3. Now Local Security Policy window will appear see the pic below : 4. Double click on Account Policies which is present on left 5. Select Account Lockout Policy 6. Click Twice on Account lockout threshold entry 7. A New Dialogue box will appear, now enter the number of times