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How to use git in windows

1. Download GIT package for windows . Click Here 2. Once downloaded install the package as given below : 3. Once installation is complete, you can open git by using Git cmd, Powershell or Command Prompt. 4. Now we have to Clone our Git Repo from GIT Bucket, GitHub, GitLab etc. I have my repo in Github so lets see how to clone it from Github. 5. Login to your github account, you will see the clone url to clone the git repo. It would be something like :<Username>/<Repository Name>.git 6. Once you got the URL.Open git cmd or powershell, and give the command as shown below : git clone<Username>/<Repository Name>.git 7. Now you can see that Git Folder got created on the specified directory. so we are done, now simply put you scripts and push them to the Central git repository. 8. Some useful git commands : git status git add git pull git commit git push git remote git log git fetch Any

How to get SID of all Domain Users using PowerShell

Hey All, Today we are going to cover an interesting topic to fetch SID of all domain users. What is SID ? SID (Security Identifier ) is an unique id or value assigned to each and every domain object. Each domain object whether its a Group, User account , Computer , OU is assigned with an unique id in order to get identified by a Domain controller. All these SID's are stored in a Security Database. It looks like  S-1-5-32-545 etc. NOTE :   Domain Controller identifies object with their SID and not with the name. In order to understand this concept, open any box which is in Domain and go to any Folder properties , in Security tab you will observe it will show SID something like  S-1-5-32-545  and then it tries to convert it to name. So Lets Begin There are several ways to find the list of SSID's , I will be covering the easiest ones. 1. To get the list of all the domain users and their SSID Get-WmiObject win32_account | Select FullName,Name,SID,Description |