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How to fix Filezilla DELE 500 command not allowed issue

Hey how's going? Today i am going to discuss regarding an issue which i faced recently while connecting to a FTP Server using FileZilla. I tried to delete a file and it gave me the below error : Command:  DELE testing123.txt Response:  500 Command not allowed. I tried to troubleshoot it as below : 1. Checked permission of the ftp user on the server's directory path and it was all good. User was having Read and Write permission. 2. Was able to create a new file and edit it. 3. Checked for any FTP Error logs but in vain. 4. Restarted the FTP Service as i was clueless. 5. Error clearly defines that DELE Command was requested for the file testing123.txt but the Server responded with 500 i.e command not allowed. That means the Server doesn't accept the DELE Command which was quite clear. But where this command is getting blocked ?? Voila !! Got it After making strenuous efforts, finally i figured it out by looking into the web server i.e IIS