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How-To Surf anonymously using a Proxy browser

Hey all, Previously if you have gone through my blogs, you might have come across several ways to browse anonymous, today we are going to learn the fastest way to do so using a proxy browser. Most often i use this to fetch data which are blocked by my office web protection or any enterprise url blocker like Sophos etc. so lets begin : Step 1: Open the website -- Step 2: Type the website name you wanted to surf anonymously Step 3: The best part is that you can even Encrypt the complete page, so give a try Note : This website helps you to access blocked content in the best possible way, although for complete anonymity you should use TOR.

How to Surf anonymously with Firefox using Anonymox

Anonymox is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on which helps you to hide your identity i.e. IP Address and will generate another IP Address.It is free and very easy to use. You can open any blocked websites using this Add-on. The main thing which I like about this Add-on is that it provides you with a good browsing Speed. HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND USE ANONYMOX : Step 1 : Go to and now click on "ADD TO FIREFOX" option to add it to your Firefox. Now it will be downloaded. Step 2 : After downloading it will ask you to install . Just Install it and Restart your Firefox. Step 3 : Step 4 : You can further change the IP by clicking on the Standard button shown below. Hope you all will enjoy this. Any problem in executing,just comment below!!