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How to make your SmartPhone work as Mouse and Keyboard

Hello friends, today we will learn how to make our Smartphone work as a Mouse and Keyboard remotely. We can also perform the below activities through this : 1. You can Manage your System Drives 2. Play Music of System 3. Restart, Log off, Shutdown and Lock the System Remotely 4. Control Youtube, VLC media player etc. Okay so lets begin, for performing this you will require : Unified Remote Server -> Click here to download Unified Remote App( To be installed on your SmartPhone) -> Click here to download Step 1 : Download the Unified Remote Server file from the link provided above and Install it. Step 2 : While Installing it, remember to check the "Windows Firewall Exception". After Installing it, Double click on the icon of Unified Remote Server. It will look like this : If you want to see what all things we can do remotely then check the Remotes tab. Step 3 : Since now our Server is up we are ready to make a connection with the App. D

How to Bypass SMS Verification send by any email Provider

In most of the websites, it asks to enter your phone number for verification. Sometimes you don't want to give it because of your privacy reasons. Even when we register in websites like Gmail, Yahoo , hotmail, rediffmail etc. they asks for SMS Verification. So today we will learn how to bypass this SMS Verification method using external number. For this method u can use the below mentioned website : 1. 2. So how it works. This websites will provide you with some numbers . For example we are using  , In the below image u can see it is providing with some numbers. we will use this number to verify our account. Now give any of this number where it asking for number and for the verification click on the Number u gave, and refresh the page. You will get your code as shown on the image below : For any clarification do comment below. CREDITS :- Amar Helloween

How to know the Name of the Caller who called you(Works only with Reliance numbers)

Hello guys, here's a very good trick for all ! we always wanted to know the name of the person who gave us a miscall, or with whose name the SIM is registered . The most important thing in this trick is that the number should be a Reliance Number . So lets begin: Step 1 : Check out the number is Reliance or not from  . If its Reliance then proceed to                                Step 2 Step 2 : Open the link Step 3 :  Now input the number and click on Continue. See the image for more details. Step 4 : That's it .  You will get the Reliance Customer number and Customer surname. Isn't it cool... Next time whenever the culprit calls you,just tell this is ur name.. He will be shocked!! Bookmark us for daily updates.

Turn Your Mobile Camera Into WEBCAM

If you guys don’t have a Web Camera and still want to chat with your friends on Yahoo and Skype then have a look at what we have got for you. If you have a Cell Phone with Camera you can use it like your Web Camera. The SmartCAM is a freeApplication connect the PC to your mobile and it will Synchronize your Mobile with your PC through Bluetoothso you can use your Cell Phone Camera as aWeb Camera and have a Video Conferencing. Supports : S60 (Symbian) WinMo6.x (Windows Mobile) Android Samsung Bada J2ME (Java Supported Mobile) Basic features : 1. SmartCAM is basically developed for the Phones with Bluetooth connectivity using which the integration of your phone cam with your PC is made easy. 2.What you need to get started is, just install SmartCAM in your PC and in your phone also. You need to have the application installed in both the terminals. 3. Connect the phone to PC via Bluetooth using the SmartCAM Application Interface. 4. Once you have connect