Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How to know the Name of the Caller who called you(Works only with Reliance numbers)

Hello guys, here's a very good trick for all ! we always wanted to know the name of the person who gave us a miscall, or with whose name the SIM is registered .

The most important thing in this trick is that the number should be a Reliance Number.

So lets begin:

Step 1 : Check out the number is Reliance or not from www.indiatrace.com . If its Reliance then proceed to                                Step 2

Step 2 : Open the link http://myservices.relianceada.com/captureInstantRecharge.do

Step 3 :  Now input the number and click on Continue. See the image for more details.

Step 4: That's it .  You will get the Reliance Customer number and Customer surname.

Isn't it cool... Next time whenever the culprit calls you,just tell this is ur name.. He will be shocked!!

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