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Mailenable : Webmail showing Server communication failure

  Many Mailenable users are familiar with the error " Server communication failure. Please refresh your browser and try again. ". This error shows when you try to send an email using Mailenable webmail. In today's lesson, we will learn how to fix this. In general, there are two ways to resolve this problem: STEP 1 : The Mailenable webmail is mostly compatible with 32-bit applications written in .NET 2.0. To begin with, you can try this. Just go to MailenableAppPool and in Advanced settings change the .NET version to 2.0 and 32 bit as TRUE. STEP 2 : If the .NET version is already 2.0 and the error still occurs, then follow these steps. Go to Mailenable Bin path Search for " MeInstaller.exe " file > Run it as Administrator Now Select Option 13. Set .Net Framework version for web application > Next Now it will ask for the ASP.Net configuration details and select the appropriate one you want to use > Execute Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

How to fix Trust Relationship issue in Windows (without System Reboot)

  Hello Readers, today we are going to learn how to Fix trust relationship issue between the workstation and the domain. But before jumping into the solution, we need to learn the concept of Secure channel. What is a Secure Channel ? Before understanding the trust relationship issue, you will need to know what is a Secure channel .  Whenever you add a computer or client machine to an Active Directory domain, your computer account gets created in Active Directory. Secure Channel helps to make the communication between the client machine and DC (Domain Controller), Example : Replicating Group Policies. Always remember in a Secure channel the computer authentication takes place and not the User Authentication So for this Authentication Password is required. Once computer is joined to the domain a password for authentication is proposed to the Active Directory By Default, Computer account password change is initiated by the client computer in every 30 days . This can be modified in Group P

Linux Tip : How to fix Route issues

Today we are going to learn how to fix route issues on Linux. Suppose you have 2 NIC interface (one is for public traffic - 100 GBPS Link and other one in Private interface for private communication 10 GBPS Link ). What is the exact issue ? Initially our customers reported that they were unable to reach internet on the box (They tried performing ping -or- ping It was not working via both IP and domain name even tried with browser. So lets begin the troubleshooting : Step 1 : Replicate the issue from your side, because we need to be 100% sure before deep diving. Step 2 : We were able to replicate the same. It was 100% packet loss. So now we need to check if the public interface is up and running or not . Our public interface is eth1 so run command : ip a This will show you if interface is UP / Down. Eth1 was up and running here. Step 3 : Next I was interested to see how is the traffic going out - is it crossing any single hop or not , whether Gateway is reachable

How to fix Filezilla DELE 500 command not allowed issue

Hey how's going? Today i am going to discuss regarding an issue which i faced recently while connecting to a FTP Server using FileZilla. I tried to delete a file and it gave me the below error : Command:  DELE testing123.txt Response:  500 Command not allowed. I tried to troubleshoot it as below : 1. Checked permission of the ftp user on the server's directory path and it was all good. User was having Read and Write permission. 2. Was able to create a new file and edit it. 3. Checked for any FTP Error logs but in vain. 4. Restarted the FTP Service as i was clueless. 5. Error clearly defines that DELE Command was requested for the file testing123.txt but the Server responded with 500 i.e command not allowed. That means the Server doesn't accept the DELE Command which was quite clear. But where this command is getting blocked ?? Voila !! Got it After making strenuous efforts, finally i figured it out by looking into the web server i.e IIS

Error Handling Tips in PowerShell

Hi Geeks, We all know the ways to handle error in scripting or programming languages i.e Try, Catch, Finally and so on. The same thing can also be done in PowerShell. Example : Try { $a = 1/0 } Catch { Write-Host “Got Exception” } But suppose your script is too long and you want your Error should be handled in such a way that you can know exactly what caused the error and at which path or line number. So to do so PowerShell provides some cool properties as given below : To Catch the Complete Exception -> $_.Exception To Find the exact Error Line number -> $_.InvocationInfo.ScriptLineNumber To only get the Exception Message -> $_.Exception.Message So will look like this : Try {           Your Script Goes here  } Catch {         $Exception = $_.Exception         $Line = $_.InvocationInfo.ScriptLineNumber         $Message = $Exception.Message } FINAL OUTPUT :                                                             Hope yo

Resolution Airmon-ng showing No Interface

Today we are going to show you all a solution for the most common Error people face while performing Airmon-ng i.e. there will be no interface as shown below : So how to fix this issue? Step 1 : Before starting Make sure that you have Internet connection on your Backtrack or Kali Linux machine.If you are using  VM then make sure your VM network adapter is Bridged with the Physical Network. Step 2 : Next Click here :  and Download  compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2  file on your Backtrack or Kali Machine. Step 3 : After downloading we have to extract the file since its in compressed form(*.tar).so to extract it Go to the path where you have saved that file and then give the command : tar -jxvf compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2 Step 4 : After extracting go to that folder that is created after extraction, and give the command > make unload  and then make load   (for loading the new interface) and now you