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Plesk Tip : How to Find cron or task scheduler details of a specific Customer

Tested on : Plesk Obsidian, Windows 2012 R2 Few days back i was looking into a way to find the cron details of a customer and once its fetched remove the crons created by that user. Through GUI, it can be done in 2 ways : 1. Go to Tools & Settings > Scheduler Tasks -or- Domains > Schedule Tasks 2. Login to the server > Open Task scheduler (taskschd) and Look into the task with description. You will get the domain id there But the above mentioned process is quite cumbersome. So after digging a lot, I was able to figure it out using Powershell. To get all the cron details of a particular Customer : & "$Env:Plesk_Bin\Crontabmng.exe" get "CustomerName" To Remove all the crons of a particular Customer : & "$Env:Plesk_Bin\Crontabmng.exe" remove "CustomerName"

Unable to access Plesk Horde webmail (Windows), Table 'horde.horde_perfs' doesn't exist

I would like to share one of the incident which we faced recently on our production environment. Horde webmail stopped working for two Plesk servers with the below errors : A fatal error has occurred SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'horde.horde_prefs' doesn't exist Details have been logged for the administrator. Server details : Windows 2012 R2 Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Horde version 5.x Steps to Fix it : Step 1 : This issue mostly happens if Horde database is missing or corrupt. In our case it was missing somehow ( may be deleted by some admin by mistake ) Step 2 : Once verified that database is missing from the MySQL, only option is to recreate the Database and Horde DB user by reinstalling it. Step 3 : To reinstall Horde, execute the below command : #Take a backup of PSA Database before making any DB related changes. plesk db dump PSA > C:\temp\PSA<Date>.sql #Removing the existing horde webmail setup ( In my case t