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Google Searching Tricks

6:39 pm
Well let me tell You what actually google tricks mean. Google tricks or google tips, does not mean hacking google. Using the below Google operators or codes, we can get the desired google result very quickly. Well we can name this as hidden google secrets or Advanced google searching.

Google Trick 1 : Google Codes

Type the following highlighted words in google search box.Google has several google codes that can help you find specific information, specific websites or inquire about the indexing of your own site, below you will find the most important ones: Click on the example google trick, and You will be redirected to google.

For definitions 

This google operator will find definitions for a certain term or word over the Internet. Very useful when you come across a strange word when writing a post. I use this as a google dictionary.

Example : define Computer

For information

The google info operator will list the sets of information that Google has from a specific website. 

Example :

For sites 

This google operator can be used to see the number of indexed pages on your site. Alternative it can also be used to search for information inside a specific site or class of sites.

Example : site: 

For links

This google link operator allows you to find back links pointing to your site. Unfortunately the count is not updated frequently and not all back links are shown.

For allinurl

Using this Google operator, it will limit the search to results that contain the desired keywords on the URL structure. 

Example : allinurl:amar helloween

For fileformat  

Useful Google operator for finding specific file formats. Sometimes you know that the information you are looking for is likely to be contained in a PDF document or on a PowerPoint presentation, for instance. (i.e. “fileformat:.pdf cloud computing” will search for PDF documents that contain the terms “cloud” and “computing”)

Google trick 2 : Top 10 Cool Google Search Tricks

Well as we have gained enough knowledge regarding google operators, lets have a look at the following 10 cool google search tricks. 

1. Google trick to search different file formats 
    Dork filetype:doc

2. Google trick to search educational resources 
    example computer

3. Finding the time of any location 
    Dork time south korea

4. Finding the weather of any location 
     Dork Bangalore weather

5. Using Google as a calculator
    Example : (9 * 10)(143+234)(119-8)

6. Converting currencies
     Example : 1 USD in INR

7. Tracking stocks
     Dork : stocks:MSFT

Google trick 3 : Top Essential Google Search shortcuts

1. Get Local Weather 
    Type: “weather [city name or zip/postal code]” 
    Example: “weather 500054" or “weather Delhi”

2. Check Flight Status Google automatically pulls flight data from All you have to do is enter the flight number. 
    Type: [flight name and/or number] 
     Example: “bc254" or "delhi21"

3: Convert Distances
     Type: “[value] [first distance unit] to [second distance unit]” 
     Example: “100 kilometers to miles”

4: Find a Phone Number and a Person
    Type: “[person’s name], [city or zip/postal code]” 
    Example: “amar helloween, india”

5. Find a Business/store
    Type: “[business name or type], [city or zip/postal code]” 
    Example: “University, Bhubaneswar”

Google trick 4 :Google Dorks

Further for Ethical Hacking purpose you can find several dorks here : Click here

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How to crack or Reset BIOS Password

5:34 pm
BIOS password is usually used to protect the user's BIOS settings on the computer. BIOS password can be reset basically in 2 ways:

1. By Clearing CMOS Battery

I consider this is the most ancient and easy way to break down the password on the BIOS. The steps are easy, first open the casing cover computer CPU. Then find the bios battery that looks something like the battery just a little more big clock (see the pic below for details ). In the area around the battery there is usually a jumper with 3 pins, 2 pins and 1 pin not connected. Suppose the three pins with the code 1 - 2 - 3 connector that connects the initial position usually is 2-3. To reset the bios move the position of the plug that connects pins 2-3 to position 1-2 for about 5 seconds. Then plug it back into the starting position (2-3). Try restarting the computer back on, secured the bios password is gone.

If the above looks complicated, then it is easy to clear CMOS by unplugging the BIOS battery and then put it back. But with the consequences of removing the label is the warranty on the battery BIOS.

2. Through DOS

First move out of the windows and restart your computer, start the computer in MS-DOS mode, use the option "Command Prompt Only".

At c: prompt, type: DEBUG press enter. You will see the sign (-) at the DEBUG prompt, then type:
o 70 2e at the DEBUG prompt will be displayed as -o 70 enter and type: -O 71 ff  press enter, the last type: Q  hit enter, then you will get out of the DEBUG prompt and return to the C:> prompt. Now restart your COMPUTER, and see the results

3. Get a BACKDOOR Password

This Procedure is not for all because Backdoor Passwords are only available to the authorized peoples like Manufacturers and Product designers.These passwords are typically used for testing and maintenance. Manufactures typically change the backdoor BIOS passwords from time to time. Every Company have different backdoor passwords for their models . I have just collected some Backdoor Password,check for your brand and use it. Hope it works for you.

AMI Backdoor BIOS Passwords : 


Award Backdoor BIOS Passwords :

01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598 , ALFAROME, ALLY, ALLy, aLLY, aLLy, aPAf, award, AWARD PW, AWARD SW, AWARD?SW, AWARD_PW, AWARD_SW, AWKWARD, awkward, BIOSTAR, CONCAT, CONDO, Condo, condo, d8on, djonet, HLT, J256, J262, j262, j322, j332, J64, KDD, LKWPETER, Lkwpeter, PINT, pint, SER, SKY_FOX, SYXZ, syxz, TTPTHA, ZAAAADA, ZAAADA, ZBAAACA, and ZJAAADC.

Phoenix Backdoor BIOS Passwords :

BIOS,CMOS, phoenix, and PHOENIX.

ManufacturerBIOS Password
VOBIS & IBMmerlin
Packard Bellbell9

How to get anyone's IP Address

2:30 pm
1. First go to this site

2. This site is basically used to send data's from one computer to another. 

Ok so you got to convince your friend/victim to download any software,image,music etc. from your Computer.

3. Ok now go to and upload your image or any file there. After that you will find a LINK like this " " Give this Link to your friend/victim and tell him to download the file.

REMEMBER : after you Copy the Link dont Close that TAB, Now when your victim begins his download you will find his IP address as " " has download the file or like Recipient's IP address.

Congo..... you got your Victim IP address now Enjoy with it . Hack it !!

Live Example : 

Download this file " " and i will tell your Ip-address. Password : nexushackerTo trace the location of the IP-address visit :'s ipaddress)


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