Saturday, 7 January 2017

Windows Services Startup Type Explained

Hi Geeks, Today I was working on a Service related script so thought of sharing some useful information related to Services Startup Type which most of the people knows but doesn’t know about the functionality. So lets begin.

What are Windows Services and what they do ?

Windows Services are the components or applications that starts when your computer is booted up and runs in the background mode helping the application to work smoothly and finally stops when the computer shuts down.

For Example,

If you want to send or receive any Fax, then the Fax service should be running in the background to perform the Fax activity.

How many Service Startup Types are there and what they do ?

There are 4 Service Startup Types available :

1. Automatic

Explanation : Automatic Service Startup Type starts the service automatically when the system boot up is done. So if we are having a machine of less memory and there are lots of services in Automatic Startup type then your machine will take more time to start as in normal state, I hope you are getting the point why multiple application services should not be in automatic startup mode.

2. Automatic ( Delayed Start )

Explanation : Automatic (Delayed Start) Service Startup Type is similar to Automatic Type i.e. starts the service automatically when the system boot up is done. The only difference is that, it waits for other critical or higher priority tasks to be formed first and in the end the service is started.

3. Manual

Explanation : Manual Service Startup Type as the name suggests is required to be started manually. This service is not started by default i.e. it will not start when your computer starts but can start by any dependent application when required. Services which requires to be used very often should be kept in Manual state like Disk Defragmenter Service , since we will not perform defragmentation regularly this service is kept in Manual state by default.

One more thing to understand here, if any service got started manually will be stopped when the computer is shutdown.

4. Disabled

Explanation : If a Service is in Disabled mode, it cannot be used by any application by default. If there is any dependent application, it will fail since it can’t be started.

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