Thursday, 2 August 2012

Worlds Best File Compressing Software - WinUHA

We all are quite aware of WinZIP and WinRAR. Both of these are most popular File Compressing Softwares, we use these two softwares for compressing files and folders and to make some storage space.

But today we are going to talk about another Compressing Software Known as WinUHA ( a UHARC GUI – High Compression Multimedia Archiver ) ,which is considered the best compressing software .

This software is Tested well by Nexus Hackers and According to us its the best software which One Should use for compressing files and folders.
Here are the Test Result, when a 158 MB of Folder with Some Linux Softwares inside was Compressed by WinZip , WinRAR , and WinUHA.

WinZip: Total Size 158 MB
Size of .ZIP file After Compressing: 140 MB

WinRAR: Total Size 158 MB
Size of .RAR file After Compressing: 110 MB

Finally Here are the Test Results of WinUHA

WinUHA: Total Size 158 MB
Size of .UHA file After Compressing: 24 MB

Yes Friends, this is true WinUHA has compressed a 158 MB Folder into 24 MB and has proved that it is best software for compressing files and folders and this will amaze you that these are the results when compression was set to Normal.

Now it is obvious you have changed your mind and you will use WinUHA, you might have observed many Games Installation which extracts Data through UHARC , this is a Command Line version of WinUHA and has even more high compression ratio and is used in Many Games Installations.

Download WinHUA

You all can further use KGB compressor to compress but sometimes Error occur when the Compression level is set to High or above the Normal .

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