Friday, 29 March 2013

Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers Part 2

Last A popup window will appear with descriptions of " Login Approvals Setup Is Complete ", then click on the " close " button to Exit Setup (See Image)

Re-Check Your Setup !!!!!!!!!! 


Boom !!!!!!!! 

Now you have completed with Login Approvals , NOW Its Time To Check ?? hmmmm
here we go ......

go to Account Settings > Security, look for " Recognized Device " and click on the Edit button.(see image)

 NOW remove all the listed device .. then Click On  " Save Changes "Last Step
go to 
Account Settings > Security, look for " Active Sessions " and click on the Edit button. then click on " End Activity" if more then one end all sessions ..(see image)

Now Log Out !!!!!!! 

Now The moment you want to login to your Facebook account, at the Log In page, there’s a small checkbox that says Keep me logged in. Make sure this box is unchecked. Then, log in as usual. With this on, you will be asked for your email and password every time you launch Facebook.


 Then Enter Your User Name and Password ... Click on " Iog In " and just follow some step (see images)

Done Now Last click on ' Save Browser ' !!!!!!!  


There are many ways you can avoid being a victim:
  1. Never click on suspicious links whenever or wherever you find it, even if it came from your friends. If you receive a link, always take the extra step of asking your friend what the link is to confirm that they had sent it. Usually these links are ‘sent’ without the sender’s knowledge. This includes all links that appear in your Facebook Chat, Messages, friend’s status post or even from your email.
  2. Never give out your username or password to anyone, including websites with suspicious links and layouts. Giving your passwords freely could jeopardize the security of your personal information on Facebook.
  3. Log in only at ( )and not from any other link or website, unless you are accessing via Facebook App.
  4. Update your browser to its latest version to ensure your browser’s security is up to date so it would detect and alert you with a warning when you are navigating to a suspected phishing site.

    Sign Out After Use

     Lastly which is the most important of all (and definitely worth repeating), never forget to log out from your Facebook account..


     Now with these options plus one crucial reminder to log out, you can surf your Facebook worry-free. Most of us wouldn’t have thought that our online accounts would get hijacked,  it is that there are people out there on the Web who are actively trying to gain access to our sensitive information. Let’s not make it any easier for them...
    Have we missed out on any other security-enhancing tips ? Do let us know at the comment section./// 
    Sneh Abhishek

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