Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hacking Facebook or any Email Account using IP Tab napping Method

Hi guyz, Today we r going to learn how to hack any Facebook or Email accounts using IP Tabnapping method. IP Tabnapping is similar to "Phishing technique" but here instead of using a web hosting site we will use own system IP address to get he email id and password. So for this you will require :

1. BackTrack OS ( We are using Backtrack5 R2 version, download it frm
2. Some social engineering tricks + Brain (most important thing)

okay so lets begin :

Step 1 : Open Backtrack, Click on Applications > BackTrack > Exploiting Tools > Social Engineering Tools > Social Engineering Toolkit > Set

Step 2 : Now u are in the set console, you can see several options there like Social Engineering attack, Fast track penetration testing etc. Just type 1 and press Enter . This will open "Social Engineering attack". 

Step 3 : Now another window will appear Just type "2" i.e. Website Attack Vectors .

Step 4 : Now another window will appear, Just type "3" i.e. Credential Harvester Attack Method.

Step 5 : Now u will get 3 options i.e. Web templates, Site cloner, Custom Import . Just type "2" i.e. Site Cloner

Step 6 : Now it will ask to input ur Ip address, to find out IP-Address in BackTrack, Open Terminal > Type "ifconfig" . You can view ur IP-Address there. Just check out the image below for more details. After getting the IP input it in SET & press Enter.

Step 7 : Now it will ask the URL to Clone. Here you type the URL u wanna hack like Facebook, gmail , yahoo, hotmail, twitter etc. We are using . 

Step 8 : Just wait for some moments till the cloning is over. When the cloning is done u r ready to hack other.  

Just use ur brain to convince people to open ur IP-Adress (mentioned above) or u can also use URL shorteners or convert the IP in Hexadecimal form so that no one gets it. 

When they will open the ip address , they will get the page shown in the image and as they input the email id and password. it will be shown in ur SET.

That's it , this process is called IP Tabnapping. Hope u guyz will remember it next time. Phishing is also the same,no much difference except in phishing we have to copy the whole source to make a new facebook login page and just change the Action value to redirect it to our own page. 

Any query regarding this comment below.


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