Monday, 16 July 2012

How to Find or Trace any IP Address (with details)

Today we are going to discuss how can we find out the location, ISP, Hostname, whois etc. of any IP Address. It's really easy to locate your friends with their IP-Address. Their are bunch of websites which helps to find you the IP-Address details. I am discussing some of them :


How find the IP-Address of any website :

1. Go to Run (Win+R) in your computer
2. Write cmd or command to open Command Prompt
3. After opening cmd prompt type :

Ping and Press Enter and You will get its IP Address.

(Replace with your website name , further you can use Tracert instead of Ping.)


  1. using your domain name you can get ip details at also show the location of your ip

  2. thankyou for your kind information pushpa..We will add it too.

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