Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How To Send Password-Protected Emails

Today we are going to learn how to send password-protected and highly encrypted emails . To perform this just follow the steps given below :

Procedure ( with live demonstration )

Step 1 : First of all open the website named " Lockbin " . Link :

Step 2 : There you will see a option " Send Message " . Click on it.

Step 3 : After Opening send message, a new page will appear which consists of  several options like your Email, Recipient email, Secret password etc. Just fill all the desired information ( including password ) for help,checkout the pic below.

Now you will get a Encrypted link as shown below . Just copy it and give it to your friend whom you wanna send that message.

That's it, now when your friend will open the link. He/she will get a Form where it will ask for password. Then he have to give the same password which you have given in the information earlier. and he can now view that message. 

Any Problem in Execution just comment below . 

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