Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to Recover Deleted Files

This computer trick is all about ‘Recovering accidentally or intentionally deleted files’

Do you ever got into a situation where you have accidentally deleted a file ?

It happens with many of us, sometimes by mistake we accidentally press wrong keys and our file is deleted. There is no way to recover that file because it is permanently deleted and it is not available in recycle bin to restore.

So, How to recover deleted file ?

Actually when a file is permanently deleted from the computer still its clusters are left in computer and with few tweaks we can recover those deleted files.

But this is not always, sometimes it is not possible to recover majority of deleted files in certain conditions like:

Hard Drive was formatted
Unknown type of file
Too large file etc.
Recovering after a long span of time

Now you can recover your accidentally deleted files by using a Software called “Recuva

What is “Recuva” ?

Recuva is a freeware file recovery software developed by the same company which developed “CCleaner”. By using Recuva you can easily recover permanently deleted files. It is free and user friendly. It also comes in commercial version with support of software.

Follow the Given Steps:

1. Download Recuva by clicking Download Recuva
2. After downloading the software install the software in your computer
3. Run the software
4. Follow the Instructions on the screen and recover your deleted files

Tip: You should always use Deep Scan method to increase chance for recovering your file.

Enjoy !!

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